Sunday, March 29, 2009

placid . . .

i love to see myself wearing a plain grey maxi skirt and top accessorized with my silver "snake" necklace. i said "snake" because this is very flexible.

wearing an outfit that makes you feel comfortable brings a positive result. this is exactly what i wore to have a placid weekend to balance the crazy week.

i would like to thank everyone who honestly said i am not fat. i guess that person who insanely left a horrible comment has a brain problem. thank God, she/he stopped!

have a wonderful week to everyone! muah!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

miss beanie!

. . . something makes my heart beats, it's my new sequined beanie!

see my diy body harness? eww, i felt creepy having it under my sweater. geeez, the chain is like a cold worm crawling! gawd!

nitey, folks! i need enough sleep. i woke up late today. i had to rush myself to work. duh! it wasn't easy. i arrived at work with unzipped pants. hahahaha!

p.s. to my bored reader: if your boredom strikes, occupy yourself on something productive. if my weight is an issue to you, don't dare to visit my blog! if it really bothers you that i am fat, let me say this: i am not affected of the recession. i have enough money in my pocket to foodfeast!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

arms diverse movements

it was so funny how i stood steady in front of my messy closet in these set of photos with mainly arms movements only. when i downloaded the photos, i never seen one of me sitting down or leaning on the wall. it must be the rain that made me spaced out! or having a granny sunnies made me senile to the extent of forgetting being in front of the camera.

i apologize for these chaotic and ugly closet that was designed by myself. i could have a better one but i rather had this. i am an eccentric person who loves things as they are. i am not like any other girls who have a closet OCD. as a matter of fact, i like running inside my closet and stepping on every piece that fell. think of soft cushions! oh, did i ever say i don't even hang my clothes? yeah, you read it right! i don't hang them! instead, they are all rolled up.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


my hands and feet look ecstatic. ironically, the face, heart and brain are tensed due to lack of concentration to my online course. it's been a month that i wasn't able to basically focus on things that matter. poor me! i need to balance my life. life is not about appearance or the external patina. knowledge makes a woman beautiful! geez, i'm sorry for the drama. i'm just trying to reflect.

. . . i was rocking these pair of feet candy on a rough and rocky road with an oversized blazer and lounging shorts. they are both chipped now. see what a brainless woman could do? pathetic!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

denim slaughter

i went through the roof towards bleached and slashed denim jeans when i saw mr. freddy, a 7-month old baby, own one. i'm so envious of him. i stressed out myself to own two and not one only! rofl.

i pulled out my denim jacket and jeans then started doing random slashes. then, i crazily sprayed and poured bleach over them.

i sweat balls with this jacket while chilling out in the backyard. florida sun was brightly out and might thought i was a fool sunbathing with my jacket and jeans.

these slashed denims are my new love. i should wear either one though it's terribly h.o.t. i gave my jacket a little rest and hang-out with this beat up vest.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

garage floral delights

i gave a treat to our serene garage by wearing a floral dress and shoes. then, filled all my treasures in a flower vase. the garage shines atleast for a while!

Monday, March 9, 2009

reigning flintstones

i've been scouting for a gigantic bow to give a little life to my boring crowning glory! finding this flintstones print bow satisfied my hunger desire to lift my hair.

i apologize for a deadly stare and killer lipstick. the lipstick is a combination of pink and blue that turned out purple-ish. the sheer laced wrist is something random that due to adrenalin rush, i was able to make my mind work.

closer photos of my flintstones print gigantic bow:

Saturday, March 7, 2009

prom night run away

i started my spring cleaning earlier than the usual routine. i hauled a bunch of clothes that i hardly wear to the spare room. as i was religously digging into my chaotic closet, i stumbled to an ankle length black gown with beautiful rhinestones that are still intact. i tried it on but the zipper could barely hold. yes, it's about time to loose some weight! duh!

i am always inspired how japanese street-style is unique from the rest. i wore the dress as a long skirt and paired with some random oversized shirt. i regret not wearing any bow on my hair.

click here to see the details of the shirt.